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Avvocati Associati

For the Milan-based law firm Franzosi Dal Negro Setti, we created a fully customized website with a control panel to manage site content, as well as the restyling of their branding.


Branding; UX/UI Design; Web Development; Web Marketing SEO


Adobe XD Prototyping; HTML/SCSS; MSSQL; NET5; Azure DevOps

2020 – on going

Avvocati Associati Homepage & About Us Mobile Mockup

Customer request

Avvocati Associati Franzosi Dal Negro Setti is a renowned Milanese law firm, founded in 1963. In May 2020, they chose us to redesign their website and rebrand their corporate image.

The objectives of the project were to improve and modernize their online presence, increase their customer base, and renew their corporate image.

To achieve these objectives, we modernized the logo and corporate image while maintaining the essence of the brand. We also created a comprehensive and modern website that meets the needs of the law firm, making it easier for the staff to manage the site and ensuring a high-quality user experience.

Software studio legale, gestionale studio legale e sito web

Restyling brand image

The work on the corporate image began with the restyling of the logo, modernizing and redesigning its lines while staying true to the historical and recognized brand.

The second step was to redesign, in a coordinated and harmonious way, business cards, letterheads, and all the document templates for the law firm.

Business cards are created for each professional in all the colors of their palette (red, white, and black), and on the back, they feature a QR code that directs to their electronic business card.

The highlight of the project was the development of a fully customized responsive website, where we closely followed the client’s ideas and visions, transforming them into a modern, high-performing, and elegant product.

Software studio legale

UX/UI Design

We conducted a preliminary analysis to study the competitors of the law firm, explore the latest UX/UI trends, and define the needs of the target users. Once this initial phase was completed, we moved on to gathering inspirational content and defining the flow, based on our research and the functionalities requested by the client. We then created the wireframe (digital prototype) of the new website and proceeded to develop mock-ups for various devices to present to the client. Once we obtained the client’s approval, we created an interactive and navigable web-based prototype to initiate testing and evaluate its functionality and user satisfaction. With the data collected from the usability test, we adapted the mock-ups and ultimately created the final interface for the new website.

Avvocati Associati_Responsive

Dark & Light mode

Custom Loaders

For the website, we created 2 custom loaders to make the navigation even more engaging and enjoyable. The first loader showcases the process of creating the letter “A” used in the logo and is displayed only upon the initial visit to the site. The second loader, simpler and faster, directly incorporates the logo consisting of a double “A”.

Website Development

The 100% custom website was developed in HTML5 to accommodate every minute detail of the meticulously designed and personalized project.

The website is available in two themes (light mode and dark mode) and in 5 different languages. It is responsive and includes a backend capable of managing the site, such as creating new pages, articles, and news.

The purpose of the architecture is to provide a comprehensive and customized solution that facilitates the management of the website and information, improving the user experience, and contributing to the growth of the law firm. Thanks to a well-designed architecture and the use of cutting-edge technologies, the solution ensures high performance, flexibility, and scalability, adapting to the ever-evolving needs of the law firm.

The architecture is based on four main components: front-end, REST Web API, administration panel, and database.

Software studio legale, gestionale studio legale e sito web


Front-end: The front-end represents the user interface of the website, which is what users see and interact with. It has been developed using the .NET 5 framework in the C# language, with the goal of creating a modern, responsive, and user-friendly interface for end users.

Web API Rest: These APIs act as intermediaries between the front-end and the database, allowing the website to communicate with the database and manage the various project functionalities. The Web APIs have been developed using .NET 5 C# and follow a microservices design, with an API Gateway that handles load balancing and proper request redirection.

Administration panel: The administration panel is a dedicated management interface for the staff of the law firm. Developed using the Angular 12 framework, it allows for independent updating and management of the website’s content and configurations, thereby facilitating information management and maintenance.

Database: The MSSQL Server database is the heart of the architecture as it stores and manages all the data related to the law firm, such as office locations, professionals, areas of expertise, articles, and consultation bookings. The relational database has been designed to handle the specific needs of the law firm, taking into account the different office locations, languages, and professionals involved.

Avvocati Assocati-Dark & Light Mode


This project has given us the opportunity to challenge ourselves with a rich and multifaceted task, from programming a fully custom and multilingual websitethat performs well on all devicesto creating a comprehensive corporate image that is modern, dynamic and able to communicate the values and history of the law firm.

We are proud of the work we have accomplished and the synergy with which all these components interact, creating a cohesive and impactful whole for our client.

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