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Data Migration & Integration

we deduplicate, transcode and normalise the data to make extractions that will feed the pathways to the multiple excel files needed to migrate the data to SAP HANA.

Database migration and integration for companies

Data are now the protagonists. Knowing how to read, analyse and utilise data is one of the fundamental characteristics for understanding and optimising business processes.
Obviously, the prerequisite is to have a homogeneous, reliable and consistent data source to draw on.

Many times, data in the company are fragmented, uneven and unstructured. This may cause reports/integrations/processes to be difficult to implement, out of date, unreliable, slow. Many managers who came to us were in this condition. Working with data is a tiring job that nobody ever wants to do. You need precision, concentration and logic. After a day of database queries you can say you are tired. At PurpleSoft we fight with you in the mud to ensure that you regain control of your data. We have skills that allow us to write queries on any database engine, deduplicate and transcode millions of records to standardise all available data sources to create a single, efficient, accurate and consistent data warehouse.

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Data migration and data integration - PurpleSoft

Recently, we have been increasingly involved in migrating from proprietary/customised ERP/CRM to more modern and structured systems such as SAP HANA.

Our task is to deduplicate, transcode and normalise the data in order to perform extractions that will feed the traces of the multiple Excel files needed to migrate the data to SAP HANA.

We work closely with the client company’s managers/businesses and SAP migration consultants to ensure that all data is taken into account and processed correctly so that it can be found ‘as is’ in the new system.

We create software that can check the validity of addresses, tax codes, VAT numbers, telephone numbers and bank details in order to clean up the data and verify their actual validity.

We export and import large amounts of data in a very short time using batch uploads and special software developed by us.

Other requests relate to the creation of advanced reports and dashboards with dynamic displays depending on the role of the user interacting with the reports.

Thanks to the work done to normalise and unify data, we can easily use power-bi/qlik/zeppelin to create simple, accurate, up-to-date and interactive customised dashboards.

Data migration and data integration - PurpleSoft

Why PurpleSoft?

Because we know how to use all kinds of databases

Because we know how to write powerful and precise queries

Because we have tools that allow us to validate the data

Because we understand the importance of data in your business processes

Our process when working with data:

1. We study the domain of data on different sources

2. We meet with managers/businesses to understand the logic of transcoding / deduplication / validity

3. We transcode and standardise data from different sources into one

4. We select the data to be used

5. Optimising queries for accurate and fast results

#1 Data migration

#1 Data integration

#1 Data analysis