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#1 in Mobile App Development in Monza and Brianza. We make all kinds of mobile apps: Native, Cross-Platform, Ibride and PWA. We use the best technology available on the market to ensure the best performance for you and your users.

We help you build a successful digital product to achieve your goals and grow your business!

What kind of apps we make

Mobile App Development in PurpleSoft

Our team will guide you in choosing the type of mobile app development best suited to your needs.

#1 Mobile app development in Monza Brianza - PurpleSoft S.r.l.

Native App Development

App with excellent performance

Native apps are applications developed in the specific programming language of the operating system on which they are to be used. For example, a native iPhone or iPad app will be developed in Swift using Xcode, while a native Android app will be developed in Kotlin using Android Studio.

A native appinterfaces directly with its reference operating system, allowing the full functionality of the device to be exploited and guaranteeing the best performance and user experience.


Interaction with all components of the device.
Higher performance.


Longer app development time.
Higher app development costs.

Are you interested in developing a native app?

Hybrid App Development

Quick app and lower costs!

Hybrid appsare generally written in HTML5 and Javascript. Thanks to the use of special technologies, such as the Ionic Framework, it is possible to integrate HTML and Javascript code within a 'native framework' so that the app can be used by both stores.

The term 'Hybrid' is derived from the fact that the app is created by combining a framework written in native language with web code written in HTML/JavaScript. The advantage of this type of app is the reduced development time compared to the native app because it is programmed only once and with a widely used language.

#1 Mobile app development in Monza Brianza - PurpleSoft S.r.l.


Minor app development costs.
Shorter app development times.
Ease and dissemination of the programming language.


Reduced performance
(compared to native and cross-platform apps).
Difficulties in integrating with the device's native components and/or peripherals.

Are you interested in developing a hybrid app?

#1 Mobile app development in Monza Brianza - PurpleSoft S.r.l.

App development


Cross-platform apps are generally written in a language that varies according to the framework used for development. The most popular frameworks for mobile app development cross-platform are: Xamarin, Flutter and React Native.

Thecross-platform definition derives from the fact that it is possible to compile the application for different operating systems using the same code. The advantages of this type of app are: reduced development time (as it is programmed only once) and high performance, which is very close to native apps.


Shorter app development times.
High performance.
Uniform design across different operating systems.


Difficulties in integrating with particular device features and/or peripherals that require native code.

Are you interested in developing a Cross-Platform app?

PWA App Development

Web-based apps

PWAs (progressive web apps) are mobile applications written in HTML5 and CSS languages that can be accessed and downloaded directly from the web and not from the stores of the Apple and Google platforms.

They work autonomously and are able to load pages instantly, both online and offline, by using the cache memory.

They are always updated because, when launched, they automatically display the latest version.

#1 Mobile app development in Monza Brianza - PurpleSoft S.r.l.


Accessible and downloadable from the web.
Very short app development time and costs.
Need for less frequent updates.


Difficulties in integrating with device-specific functionalities.

Are you interested in developing a PWA app?

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What kind of app to choose?

Which type of app to choose?

The type of app depends primarily on your needs!

So the first step is to work together on an analysis of the needs and features required for your business, after which we will study the best solution taking into account budget, timeframe and specific needs.

We (almost) always recommend cross-platform mobile app development because it is the perfect compromise to reduce development time and costs by guaranteeing a bug-proof app with perfect graphics and high performance (almost native).

Even the big giants opt for this option: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all cross-platform apps.

Rather than starting with an app that does not meet your needs or that does not have adequate performance (such as hybrid) due to the budget, we will do an in -depth analysis together to understand what you really need and we will start developing an app. with the minimum necessary and indisputable functions.

#1 Mobile app development in Monza Brianza - PurpleSoft S.r.l.
#1 Mobile app development in Monza Brianza - PurpleSoft S.r.l.

If the application is really useful and receives a adequate feedback from the users, then you can start to add all the other functionalities you want, this process is essential to develop an app that really meets what the market demands and to make the development agile and dynamic, ready to adjust and improve along the way.

Our advice is not to start building a bazooka and then use it against an ant because a trip to Ithaca or a Penelope’s web is the last thing you need.
Think carefully about the user flow and functionality of the app before starting development!


Why choose to develop an APP?

To speed up and simplify business processes

If you need to speed up and simplify business processes, these are some of the functionalities that an app allows you to have:

Sending notifications to operators in the field or in production for real-time communication

Recording of voice notes using the device's microphone

Using the device's GPS to locate machinery or vehicles

Using the device's camera to: scan barcodes or QR codes. Photographing damage or errors in the production line

The portability of the device can be used to easily and cost-effectively set up new workstations

Why choose to develop an APP?

To sell online

If you want to sell online these are some of the main reasons why you should have an app.

To improve
of your customers

The apps are specially designed for smartphones, are faster , easier to use and accessible even without a stable internet connection.

To grow
of your customers

Apps are always visibleon the home screen of the user's phone. Being "tap-friendly" increases the likelihood of customer interaction.

To stand out

At a small and medium-sized business level they are still rare, differentiated from your competitors and revolutionizing your
brand reputation!

Still undecided or need more information?

How do we develop an app?

Our Mobile App Development Process:

our step by step working method

With us, we first define the functionality and goals to be achieved.

Right off the bat, we move on to user experience and user interface design.

You design the database, web api, and integrate server-side third-party services.

Tests are performed to check the reliability of the database and backend.

You begin development of app interfaces (mobile, tablet).

You integrate client-side web api and third-party services.

You test the application to check that it is actually working.

The application is released in beta to a small group of testers.

Routine maintenance for iOS/Android version updates and third-party libraries.

Why contact PurpleSoft?

all the reasons to choose Purplesoft

This allows us to release products that are really useful, that help the end user in carrying out their ordinary tasks, saving them time and effort.

Technologies for mobile app development

Our team keeps itself constantly updated by taking the best training courses and achieving the most coveted certifications in the IT and design industry.
Our skills enable us to master the following with agility
technologies technologies .

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