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PurpleSoft S.r.l. #1 Websites design in Monza Brianza

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Professional sites in a tight timeframe

At PurpleSoft we think that a website is not just a business card or a virtual storefront, but it is a means of communication, of conveying a message to the user in a clear and immediate way, an indispensable tool for growing one's business and creating value. The graphics, design, and user experience of a website are the essential elements to achieve this.

Adherence to pre-established timelines and costs is paramount, as is our belief that assistance and support even after the work is completed.


That’s why we put our best effort into taking care of your company’s image, paying attention not only to the aesthetic aspect, but also taking care of other equally fundamental elements, such as accessibility and usability, the effectiveness of the content on the page (Copy, photos, videos, icons, etc…), page loading speed, cross-browser and multi-device compatibility.

Our professionalism combined with the optimization of the production process allows us to create high-level websites,at competitive prices with the market.

Realizzazione siti web
Realizzazione siti web

Custom websites

a solution that adapts to every situation

All the websites we design and build are conceived according to the dictates of User Experience Design, to which is added a study of the brand and the product/service marketed, and finally an analysis of the Customer Journey of Buyer Personas. The analysis of these three areas allows us to create interfaces that meet a twofold need: satisfy users and lead them to final conversion.

We make landing pages, showcase sites, e-commerce sites, multilingual portals. Each User Interface is always enriched with purpose-made animations, transitions, illustrations and multimedia content to make the end result unique.

Types of websites we make

Our team will guide you in choosing the type best suited to your needs

Realizzazione siti web

Websites with CMS


At PurpleSoft, thanks to a careful and meticulous study of the user experience and enrichment of the interface with tailor-made graphic components and animations, we create unique and professional CMS websites.

Through the use of specific plugins, we are able to customize the layout and add features of all kinds such as: carousels, sliders, photo gallery, contact forms, reviews, ratings and more. We make use of the most powerful CMS platforms in the world, such as WordPress, WIX and WebFlow, to build these types of sites.

Thanks to our SEO experts and the best SEO plugins around, we index and place sites in the top spots on Google and other search engine results.

WordPress, WIX and WebFlow are CMSs with numerous advantages, however they are not suitable for more elaborate projects that require maximum customization of graphics and functionality, in fact in these cases it is preferable to opt for a custom website.


  • Costs of implementation, lower management and maintenance than custom sites
  • Lower realization times
  • Independence: Open and shared code means that the client is not tied to the initial developers, but can always turn to other software houses or agencies without losing the site already developed.


  • Security: code that is shared among thousands of different sites inevitably attracts the attentions of hackers, which is why it is often recommended to accompany the implementation, a maintenance service
  • Limitation on customization of graphics and functionality
PurpleSoft S.r.l. #1 Websites design in Monza Brianza
PurpleSoft S.r.l. #1 Websites design in Monza Brianza

Custom websites

maximum customization

Programming a custom website, using scripts made specifically and optimized for your needs, is definitely the ideal solution for larger and more complex projects, precisely because of the ability to customize. No function is precluded, any idea can be implemented in the most effective way possible.

At PurpleSoft, we build custom websites that can best suit large and complex web projects, responding best to whatever current and future needs a project requires.
Our programmers specialize in optimizing the performance of websites by creating custom solutions that are optimized for SEO algorithms.


  • Customization: solution that allows the highest level of customization of both graphics and functionality
  • Security: The code not being widespread is more protected from attack.


  • Higher costs of implementation, management
  • Longer lead times
  • Reducing dependence for changes and future management
PurpleSoft S.r.l. #1 Websites design in Monza Brianza
What are the features your website absolutely cannot do without?


PurpleSoft S.r.l. #1 Websites design in Monza Brianza


A website with a graphically well-designed interface and consistent with your brand impresses and interests users.


It is necessary to minimise page loading times to keep users engaged.


Most searches are carried out via mobile devices, so it is essential that your website adapts to all devices.

User centered

Maximising usability to make it easier to use the content of your site will enable you to meet the wishes and needs of your users.


Why should you create a website?

For professionalism

Today's consumers tend not to trust a company with a poor-quality website and when they search the Internet and find a less-than-serious website, alarm bells go off immediately. Does this company really exist? Can I trust them? Are they trying to cheat me? People are more sceptical than ever. Being found with a professional-looking website gives people peace of mind.

To strengthen your brand identity

Through a professional website you can easily and immediately explain and tasmise what your company is about, what services it provides, how it stands in the marketplace, and what vision and mission guide its actions. With a quality website you also give your company a voice through consistent visual communication, a specific graphic line, and a unique communication style-yours.

To get your business card online

A quality, search engine optimized website increases the visibility of your business and allows you to be found and known nationally and internationally.Through a search engine optimized website, you can easily reach out to potential customers interested in your product/service.

PurpleSoft S.r.l. #1 Websites design in Monza Brianza

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