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What kind of websites we make

Website creation in PurpleSoft

Wordpress websites

WordPress websites

Professional sites in a tight timeframe

At PurpleSoft we create unique and professional WordPress sites, thanks to a careful and meticulous study of the user experience and the enrichment of the interface with custom graphics and animations. In addition, by using specific plugins, we are able to customise the layout and add all kinds of functions such as: carousels, sliders, photo gallery, contact forms, reviews, ratings and much more.

Thanks to our SEO experts and pro plugins such as YoastSEO and RankMath, indexing and positioning your site at the top of Google search results will not be a problem.


  • If it is necessary to contain costs
  • If you are under time pressure 
  • If an ad hoc playout is not required
  • If there is a budget for ongoing maintenance to upgrade the platform
  • If consultingfor the  SEOand maintaining site performance is budgeted for

Although WordPress is an excellent CMS with countless advantages, it is not suitable for every type of project. In fact, for more elaborate projects that require maximum customisation of graphics and functionality, it is preferable to opt for a customised website.

website wordpress lakkei
Custom website

Custom websites

a solution that adapts to every situation

Programming a custom website, using specially made scripts optimized for one's needs, is definitely the ideal solution for any type of project from the smallest to the largest, precisely because of the ability to customize. No function is precluded, any idea can be realised as effectively as possible.

At PurpleSoft we build custom CMSs that can best adapt tolarge and complex web projects, responding to any current and future needs that a project requires.
Our programmers specialise in creating high-performance solutions optimised for SEO algorithms.

WHEN TO OPT FOR a custom site?

  • If you want a fully customised solution
  • In the case of more elaborate projects
  • If you have a higher budget
  • If you do not have a tight schedule
Customised websites

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Why should you create a website?

For professionalism

Today's consumers tend not to trust a company that does not have a website and when they cannot find a company online, alarm bells go off. Does this company really exist? Can I trust them? Are they trying to cheat me? People are more sceptical than ever. Being found with a professional website gives people peace of mind.

To strengthen your brand identity

Through your website you can explain in detail what your company does, what services it provides to users, how it positions itself in the market, what its vision and mission are. The website also gives your company a voice through visual communication, with a logo, a specific graphic line and a unique communication style: yours.

To get your business card online

It allows you to show your up-to-date information and make yourself known nationally and internationally, increasing the visibility of your business. Through your company website, you can tell your story and describe your products and services to potential customers simply by sharing a link to your online shop window.

Website development

What are the features your website absolutely cannot do without?

All websites created in PurpleSoft are:

Realizzazione Siti Web responsive Monza Brianza


A website with a graphically well-designed interface and consistent with your brand impresses and interests users.


It is necessary to minimise page loading times to keep users engaged.


Most searches are carried out via mobile devices, so it is essential that your website adapts to all devices.

User centered

Maximising usability to make it easier to use the content of your site will enable you to meet the wishes and needs of your users.

Why contact PurpleSoft?

To revolutionise your online presence!

Website development technologies

Our team keeps itself constantly updated by attending the best training courses for website development and obtaining the most sought-after certifications in the IT and design sector.
Our skills enable us to master the following with agility
technologies: technologies:

#1 website development

#1 creation of wordpress websites

#1 creation of wordpress websites in Brianza