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Digital Marketing

We prepare tailor-made digital marketing strategies for your company and help you understand the best channels to share them.

Why is it important to have good SEM and SEO strategies?

Why everyone uses search engines

Because they allow you to reach your potential customers easily

Do you want to be first in the search results?

PurpleSoft will help you using SEM and SEO techniques, have become fundamental pillars of web marketing in recent years.

what areas of digital marketing do we cover


What is it about?

Search engine marketing consists of in paying a search engine to drive traffic to their website . With SEM campaigns it is possible to choose the target audience, using specific keywords, entering a precise geographical location or the more classic demographic criteria.

This translates into a great advantage, as you have the opportunity to intercept the potential customer with a targeted campaign.
Search engine marketingalso allows you to measure a great deal of data: forms filled in by users, website visits or the purchase of products on e-commerce. This allows us to segment our target audience in order to refine future campaigns.

What are the steps we follow to create successful SEM campaigns?

  1. We do a thorough market analysis to analyse your competitors;
  2. We find your target audience;
  3. We identify the keywordsmost commonly used by your target audience;
  4. We advise you on the budgetto set according to the goals you want to achieve.
  5. We review results to refine current and future campaigns

To fine-tune the campaigns we rely on Google Analytics, which allows us to segment the target audience and refine the campaigns.


What is it about?

The term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to all activities aimed at improving the indexing and organic positioning (not paid) of a website on search engines.
SEO therefore offers long-term and more consistent results than SEM campaigns.

Search engines rely on algorithms to identify the most relevant content to the search made by the user, here are the factors they consider:

  • They give priority to quality(performing) and mobile friendly sites.
  • They consider thequality and quantity of linksback to a site.
  • They assess the ‘freshness‘ of the content. It is therefore important that the content is updated regularly .
  • They assess the user’s search context, such as: geographical location, language, search history, age, etc.

What are the steps we follow at PurpleSoft to improve organic positioning?

  1. We optimiseyour website code to improve performance;
  2. Ottimizziamo i meta data (tag title, meta description, header, descrizioni delle immagini..);
  3. We edit your page textsusing the most suitable keywords;
  4. We generate simple and optimised URLs.


What is it about?

The acronym DEM , “Direct Email Marketing”, indicates the set of strategies and tactics that, through the distribution of email communications, promote a product, a service or an event . The benefits of a direct mail marketing campaign are related to the high conversion rate as the message is only sent to a specific target group and has lower costs than other forms of promotion.

Furthermore, again thanks to DEM it is possible to implement customer loyalty actions, lead generation and nurturing on users in the database. One of the particularities is that users actively interact with them and there are high conversion rates, with users often completing an action such as buying, downloading or visiting the site.

What are the steps we follow to create effective DEM campaigns?

  1. We determine your target
  2. We analyze the behavior of your customers
  3. We select the most suitable target
  4. We create e-mails with customized and responsive texts, images / graphics
  5. Through platforms like SendGrid and MailChimp we proceed with the massive sending of e-mails.
  6. We analyze the data to improve your future campaigns
Web Marketing - In PurpleSoft we design SEO and SEM strategies

Social Media Marketing

What is it about?

Exploiting the full potential of social media is not as easy as it may seem. It is not enough to create a social profile and update it from time to time to get results. In fact, Social Media Marketing is based on the development of precise strategiesthat take numerous factors into account.

It is essential to define your targetaudience and the objectives you want to achieve through your social media marketing strategy. Based on these, you can develop a targeted strategy to be implemented on the most suitable social channels, which will allow you to reach the goal and achieve the desired results.

What are the steps we follow in building a winning social media marketing strategy?

  1. We definethe objectives to be achieved
  2. We identify your target
  3. We analyze the context and your competitors
  4. We create your personalized communication style
  5. We create youreditorial plan
  6. We look after and monitoryour publications

In PurpleSoft we also take care of every aspect of social media advertising, such as: Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads