customised software development monza brianza

Software Development

Custom software and management development. We integrate technologies and software to find the best solution for your needs.

customised software development monza brianza

Customized software

turn your ideas into software

Sometimes it happens that you can't find the right software for your needs on the market or that you want to implement a unique idea. This is where we come in.
At PurpleSoft we have skills and expertise that allow us to design and implement any type of software.
We have improved and optimized business processes of companies of all kinds (from multinationals to startups). The only limit is your imagination.

Custom software development makes sense when you have a clear understanding of the goal to be achieved, the functionality to be implemented, and you know the needs of the future users of the software.
Custom software development is therefore aimed at "pro" customers who can contribute their experience (in their field) to the success of the software.
Don't think about developing custom software without devoting a fair amount of time to it.

System Integration

When one software is not enough

It often happens that you have to use more than one program to perform common work tasks. Using multiple software and multiple procedures can be complex and complicated for the user, cause errors and waste time and resources.

The activity of system integrator carried out by PurpleSoft allows you to "connect" different software between them and coordinate them from a 'single dashboard. Just think of exporting/importing data from one program to another to continue an operation: e.g. exporting sales orders from CRM software to generate invoices on invoicing software (invoiceincloud, zucchetti, esolver).

Proper integration of different systems saves a lot of time and resources.
Analyze the processes, identify the bottle-neck and optimize the flows is very important work (to be done very carefully) and expensive in terms of time and costs at the beginning, but in a short time the return on investment is assured.
Imagine taking away automation work and freeing up employees for really important tasks.

Process Automation

Do you have a business process you want to automate?

When you have processes that always require the usual user interactions, you can optimize and automate them through the development of targeted software components that can automatically simplify,interact and integrate with your business process.
At PurpleSoft we know what we're doing, we've automated processes for major Italian banking institutions managing to decrease execution times by 1720% (you read that right: 1720).

Do you need to automate your company's processes?
The answer is yes, if you have massive processes to run concurrently or in batch. Sql and no-sql, compression, transmission and real time data processing is our bread and butter. If you have a mission that everyone calls impossible contact us to see if it's true.

How do we develop software?

Our software development process

our step by step working method

Preliminary analysis of the context, problems and process

Definition of modules and design of the system and features

Choice of programming languages and technologies

Prototype implementation and verification of objectives

Modifications and adjustments for product optimization

Release and follow-up maintenance

Why contact PurpleSoft?

here are all the reasons

This allows us to release products that are truly useful, that help the end user in carrying out ordinary tasks, saving time and effort.