PurpleSoft - Soluzione per la gestione di private sales


Say Wow

For SayWow, we have developed a solution for the 360° management of private sales organized for large fashion companies.


SayWow is a top player company at the national and global level in the organization and management of private sales (in-store and online) for big fashion houses such as LVMH, Kering, Sephora, Levi’s, and other renowned brands. The objective was to speed up and optimize all macro processes related to their activity: reception of items, re-labeling of products, shelf arrangement, invitation and booking of users, entrance verification, garment sale, advanced reporting, and return of unsold items.

We started developing the management system by studying the flows and steps necessary to manage each phase of the private sale.
User experience analysis was essential to ensure ease and efficiency of use for future users.
The SayWow management system was designed and developed primarily to be used on tablets, a tool provided to each member of the team managing the events.

PurpleSoft - Soluzione per la gestione di private sales
PurpleSoft - Soluzione per la gestione di private sales


We carefully analyzed the way in which all processes related to private sales are managed, even by visiting some of these events in person. We studied the different usage flows, prioritizing usability for operators.
After completing the analysis, we understood that the fundamental phases that make up a private sale are 4: the merchandise reception phase, the user booking phase, the sales phase, and the return of unsold items phase.

We broke down each phase into smaller steps, which in turn were divided into individual tasks.

At this point, each task has been developed to make the whole process fast and intuitive.

We developed an initial demo of the software solution to test its potential in the field with the staff and collect essential feedback for optimizing the user experience.

Software Development


The following technologies were used for developing the software solution:

The Database, the foundation of all data in the software management system, was developed in TSQL language using Microsoft SQL Server.

The web APIs, the engine of communication between the database and the front-end (mobile app and web app), were developed in C# language using the .NET 6 framework (a Microsoft framework that allows the development of secure and performant web APIs).

The mobile app for managing private sales was developed in Dart language using the Flutter framework (a Google framework that allows the creation of cross-platform Android and iOS applications).

The web app used by users for reservations was developed in TypeScript language using the Angular framework (a Google framework that allows the creation of web applications).

PurpleSoft - Soluzione per la gestione di private sales


As for the hardware side, we have integrated:
Bluetooth barcode readers: used during the receiving phase to scan the barcodes on each product to complete the inventory;
Zebra, TSC, and Brother label printers: used during the receiving phase to print new labels with discounted prices;
SumUp payment terminal: used during the sales process to enable payment by credit or debit card;
Telematic receivers (RCH fiscal register): used during the sales phase to print fiscal receipts.
ESC/POS receivers (non-fiscal register): used during the sales phase to print non-fiscal receipts.

Integration with Sum up

Integration with SumUp has proved to be a convenient and successful solution, as it allows both physical and online payments to be accepted, with the possibility of making partial refunds or completely cancelling an order in a simple, system-integrated manner.

To complete and optimize the integration process, we have developed a plugin for Flutter that we decided to publish on the official portal for Flutter developers (pub.dev) in order to contribute to this large community. The plugin is open source and can be downloaded from the page https://pub.dev/packages/sumup.

PurpleSoft - Soluzione per la gestione di private sales

Web App Development

Online booking system

By accessing the web app, users can register and view all active private sales, and make reservations by choosing their preferred time slots.

Once the reservation is made, users receive a confirmation email that includes a QR code required for entry into the private sale.

Customised websites


This project gave us the opportunity to design and develop a tailor-made solution for the management of a private sale in its entirety.

We also produced a reporting module that allows for the display of graphs summarizing the performance of private sales.

It was a great opportunity for us to work with a complete and complex system, and the satisfaction of our client after extensive use of the system makes us more than proud!