PurpleSoft - Private sales management solution


Say Wow

For SayWow, we created asolution for the complete management of private sales(family and friends) organised for large fashion companies.


The SayWow client needed to manage all the macro processes involved in private sales: receipt of material, relabelling of products, shelf layout, management of invitations and user bookings, verification of admissions, sale of items, return of unsold items, reporting.

We started the development of the application by studying the flows and steps needed to manage each stage of the sale.
User experience analysis was essential to ensure ease and efficiency of use for future users.
The SayWow application was designed and developed mainly to be usable from tablets, which are used by every member of the team.

PurpleSoft - Private sales management solution
PurpleSoft - Private sales management solution


We have carefully analysed the way the processes surrounding the sale are managed, studying the different usage flows and prioritising the end user’s point of view.
Having completed the analysis, we realised that there are 3 fundamental phases that make up a sale: the reception phase, the sale phase and the unsold return phase.

We broke down each macro process into smaller steps, which in turn were divided into individual tasks.

At this point, each task has been developed to make the whole process fast and intuitive.

We developed an initial demo of the solution to show the client the potential of the app, and to carry out the first user tests.



The following technologies were used for software development:
Flutter: Google’s platform allowing the creation of cross platform applications (Android and iOS);
DotNet Core: Microsoft framework enabling communication between the application and the database;
Microsoft SQL Server: software for data management and persistence.

PurpleSoft - Private sales management solution


While on the hardware side they have been implemented in an integrated manner:
Bluetooth barcode readers: used during the receiving phase to scan the barcodes on each product to complete the inventory;
Brother label printers. used during the reception phase to print the new labels with the clearance prices;
SumUp payment terminal: used during the sales process to enable payment by credit or debit card;
telematic receivers (RCH fiscal case). used during the sales phase for printing tax receipts.

Integration with Sum up

Integration with SumUp has proved to be a convenient and successful solution, as it allows both physical and online payments to be accepted, with the possibility of making partial refunds or completely cancelling an order in a simple, system-integrated manner.

To complete and optimise the integration process, we have developed an open source plugin for Flutter, which can be found at https://pub.dev/packages/sumup and downloaded free of charge.

PurpleSoft - Private sales management solution


Website with sale and invitation management system

We also developed a website associated with the developed application.
From this you can create new sales, and manage the invitation system.

By accessing the website, users can view all active sales, and can book themselves by choosing their preferred time slots.

In addition, an email system was applied to confirm the reservation and to display the QR code, useful for entry.

Customised websites


This work gave us the opportunity to design and develop a tailor-made solution for managing a sale in its entirety.
We have also produced a reporting module that allows the display of graphs summarising the progress of a sale.

It was a great opportunity for us to get to grips with a complete and complex system, and the satisfaction of our customer after extensive use of the system makes us prouder than ever!

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