Safe Check-in is a digital smart and contactless visitor and employee registry for offices, restaurants, coworking spaces, stores, etc.

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The concept

Safe Check-in is an idea born by our team in May 2020, following the legislation that came into force in the same period to deal with the emergency caused by the new Coronavirus.

Safe Check-in simplifies the life of restaurateurs and business owners, giving them the possibility to record the data of their customers or visitors , by scanning the unique QR Code displayed at the entrance of the venue / company. 

Access via QR Code

The QR Code is generated on the website from the reserved area or from the Safe Check-in app and must simply be printed and displayed at the entrance to the venue or alternatively displayed on a tablet or other device, to be scanned via smartphone by customers. .

In the event of an emergency, Coronavirus allows the caterer to notify everyone involved with a simple click.

Customer data, upon acceptance of the privacy policy may be used by the restaurateur for marketing purposes.

accesso tramite qr code
menù digitale

Multimedia content

Safe Check-in also allows you to view multimedia content of all kinds such as documents, price lists, menus or more, so for the restaurateur it is also a real digital menu , another indispensable tool in times of pandemic.

The entire process of recording and viewing documents issmart and contatless, done by scanning the QR Code.


During the development of the solution, we realized that beyond the Coronavirus emergency and the restaurant industry, the use of Safe Check-in can be extended to many other realities, we have therefore included the check-out function, giving the possibility to offices and coworking spaces to use Safe Check-in as attendance card of employees as well as virtual reception.

In fact, with Safe Check-in it is possibleto register the entrances and exits of visitors and submit documents of any kind, even those that need to be accepted and viewed.

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