App REM Jewel Case Study - PurpleSoft
App REM Jewel Case Study - PurpleSoft



We developed the mobile application for uploading and reading multimedia content within REM Jewel jewelry.


Web Development; Web Marketing; UX Research; Market Analysis



2020 – Ongoing

App REM Jewel Case Study - PurpleSoft

Who is REM?

REM is a brand of Fortitudo Diamonds, an innovative startup in the luxury sector that combines their enthusiasm for new technologies with the goal of innovating an industry with a centuries-old history like jewelry.

App REM Jewel Case Study - PurpleSoft
App REM Jewel Case Study - PurpleSoft
App REM Jewel Case Study - PurpleSoft

The Concept

me✦te✦ora® jewellery is very special because inside it beats a real technological heart that brings them to life and allows them to be personalised in a totally unique and extraordinary way.
In just a few simple steps, it is possible to “crystallize” the most exciting moments (audio dedications, images, video messages) inside REM Jewel and view them through the application.
It is possible to change the multimedia contents of the jewel whenever desired through the application.

App REM Jewel Case Study - PurpleSoft

Whoever gives a me✦te✦ora® jewel gives a moment to live again. The lucky recipient just needs to bring their smartphone close to their new me✦te✦ora® jewel to reveal its secret content.
The technology used for the insertion and reading of multimedia content is NFC, embedded within the jewel.

How does it work?

The customer who purchases the jewel records a special multimedia content to be stored inside it. To do so, they will need to download the REM JEWEL app. The precious content will be crystallized inside the jewel and can be viewed whenever desired by simply bringing the jewel close to their smartphone.

App REM Jewel Case Study - PurpleSoft

Flutter development

We have opted to develop a Cross-Platform app using the Flutter framework to meet the client’s needs for a high-performance app within a tight timeline.

App REM Jewel Case Study - PurpleSoft


The technological core allows the jewel to evolve and transition from a static plane to a dynamic one.
The jewel is able to interact with the smartphone without needing to be charged.
Thanks to technology, the goldsmith’s tradition is enhanced.

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