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DocFlow S.p.A

We partnered with DocFlow S.p.A. in the development of their proprietary software, Flowee PEC&Mail. In particular, we were responsible for designing the entire User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI), developing the level 2 Web APIs, and creating the Web App for Flowee PEC&Mail.


UX/UI Design; Software Development; Web Development


MSSQL Server, Web Service SOAP, .NET5, Angular 10.

2019 – 2021

Flowee - PurpleSoft

Customer request

DocFlow S.p.A., is a well-known player in the Milan software house scene, with more than 25 years in business. In February 2018, they chose Purplesoft to implement one of their distinctive products: Flowee PEC&Mail. This platform is designed as a comprehensive solution to address the challenges associated with enterprise PEC management.

Prominent among these challenges are SPAM messages choking PEC boxes, and acceptance and delivery notifications crowding the inbox, generating a chaotic environment for PEC management. In addition, failure to handle PEC messages or their incorrect deletion can cause serious problems for the company, as highlighted by recent legal cases.

Another difficulty is the shared use of corporate PEC by multiple users, which significantly increases the risk to corporate security. Finally, managing sensitive data in compliance with stringent GDPR regulations presents no small challenge.

Faced with these obstacles, DocFlow S.p.A. has outlined a series of goals. First of all, that of ensuring the security of acquisition and transmission channels, correctly classifying communications considering the relative level of confidentiality, and ensuring the correct assignment of visibility. The additional needs were to make processes more efficient and traceable and monitor the activities carried out by users in addition to governing the outward transmission process. All this, not forgetting the legal storage of communications.

Finally, it was essential for DocFlow S.p.A. to provide users with an intuitive, appealing and streamlined interface for managing PEC boxes.


UX/UI Design

In our efforts to provide an optimal solution, we have developed several variations of layouts and workflows. This allowed the client to have a wide range of options to present to end users, testing the usability and responsiveness of each version in advance.

In addition, we enriched the user experience by designing a set of customized icons consistent with the client’s brand identity. These icons, transformed into a font, not only added a distinctive touch to the design, but proved to be particularly practical in the Web environment, simplifying the implementation process and ensuring excellent visuals across all platforms.

Flowee Mobile Action & Aggiornata

Software Development

In our project for DocFlow S.p.A., we paid special attention to the usability and aesthetics of the Web App, the main point of contact with the end user. This represents the visible part of a larger and more complex software infrastructure that we have developed.

To ensure the best possible user experience, the Web App was built using Angular 10 and the TypeScript language. This combination ensured that the application was not only stable and responsive, but also delivered excellent performance.

The user interface was further improved through the custom use of Bootstrap 4, used directly from the source code scss. This allowed us to customize the user interface to the client’s specific needs, with detailed control over the CSS styles generated.

We successfully met the challenge of making the code compatible with Internet Explorer, a browser known for its resistance to support for JavaScript and next-generation CSS. With Internet Explorer off the market, our team of developers can now focus on more advanced and up-to-date technologies.

In parallel with the creation of the Web App, we developed a new Web API layer. This choice was driven by the desire to avoid direct integration of a modern Web client with SOAP (WCF) services, a solution that we felt was not optimal. To do this, we used the .NET 5 (C#) framework, which allowed us to integrate the existing WCF Web APIs and create new REST Web APIs, compliant with the OpenAPI V3 standards.

This approach allowed the Angular client to be automatically generated with open source tools available on GitHub, easing the development process. It also enabled the customer to continue to use and maintain their WCF Web APIs without having to drastically change their work habits or enterprise production environments.

Finally, we implemented Signalr technology to facilitate real-time collaboration among multiple users. This has made work processes more synchronous and increased the overall efficiency of the team.

Flowee Desktop Mockup


Through this collaboration with DocFlow S.p.A., we have deepened our understanding regarding the operation of enterprise realities, increasing our ability to create software solutions that meet the specific needs of these organizations.

This experience has strengthened our skills in integrating complex systems, a skill that is critical to the development of robust and reliable software solutions.

In addition to these achievements, the solution developed has provided DocFlow S.p.A.’s customers with a number of benefits, including centralized management of communications, automation of classification and assignment processes, and improved compliance and governance.

These achievements testify to our commitment to providing high-quality software solutions, and our ability to learn and adapt to new challenges.

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